The less alcohol you drink, the lower the risk of cancer. Overall, the risk of cancer in men who consume less than two alcoholic drinks (less than 20 grams of pure alcohol) per day and women who consume less than one alcoholic drink (less than 10 grams of pure alcohol) per day is 6% lower than that in people with higher alcohol intakes. In particular, reducing the consumption from four-or-more to one-or-less alcoholic drinks per day, may reduce the risk of liver cancer by 21%, the risk of colorectal cancer by 31%, and in women the risk of breast cancer by 30%. Lifestyle factors, such as a healthy diet, normal body weight, and physical activity, tend to be present together in the same people, and it is difficult to separate their independent effects. The greatest health benefit is achieved by having a healthy lifestyle (More information on Healthy Body WeightPhysical activity and Diet).