DescriptionCircumstances of exposure and related occupations
Chromium (VI), or hexavalent chromium, is the second most stable oxidation state of the metal chromium.
Most chromium (VI) compounds are manufactured. Chromium in the form of various alloys and compounds has been in widespread commercial use for more than 100 years.
Occupational situations in which exposure to chromium occurs include:
  • chromate production, during which the highest exposures to chromium (VI) compounds may occur;
  • manufacture of dyes and pigments;
  • plating and engraving;
  • chromium ferro-alloy production;
  • stainless-steel welding;
  • in wood preservatives;
  • leather tanning;
  • water treatment;
  • inks;
  • photography;
  • lithography;
  • drilling muds;
  • synthetic perfumes;
  • pyrotechnics;
  • corrosion resistance.
Workers are exposed to airborne fumes, mists, and dust containing chromium or its compounds.